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The PanterA Ring
1. What is the PanterA Ring?
The PanterA Ring is pantera pages linked together by a control panel on the page. You can cycle through the ring, list next 5, list all, or a random site.

2. What are the requirements?
The requirements are that you have a web page with PanterA stuff. And an e-mail address that I can reach you at.

3. How can I make a PanterA Web Page?
You can search for a an html or wysiwyg(What You See Is What You Get) editor or go to C|Net's Builder.Com

4. How and where do I join?
Click on "Sign Up" (<--)

5. What do I do once I've joined?
Once you put the control panel on your page, go to the e-mail page and fill out the first form.

6. I use the AOL page editor, will it look the same?
It should. But there might be extra space at the bottom, there's nothing I can do about it though.

8. Where do I have to put the control panel?
The bottom of the main page is most common. A seperate links or webrings page is ok too.

8. What is that button about Eads?
Just click that to sign up with eads, a great program that pays you 10 cents per click! just for putting banners on your page. Don't forget to put my id# (cn16632) in the refferal box when you sign up!

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