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Day 2 was full of Wrestling goodness (i.e. Wrestlemania 2000!). Here's a quick look at the results:

Bull Buchnanan & Big Boss Man defeated Godfather and D'Lo Brown
Hardcore Holly wins 13-man Hardcore Battle Royal to become Hardcore Champion
T&A def. Al Snow & Steve Blackman
Tag Team Ladder Match: Edge & Christian def. Hardy Boyz & Dudley Boyz
Cat Fight: Terri w/ Fabulous Moolah def. The Kat w/ Mae Young
Chyna & Too Cool def. Perry Saturn, Eddy Guerrero and Dean Malenko
Two-falls Triple Threat Match: Chris Benoit def. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle to win the Intercontinental Title
Chris Jericho won the European Title
Rikishi Phatu & Kane def. Road Dogg & X-Pac w/ Tori
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: Triple H def. Big Show, Mick Foley and The Rock

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